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Business with A Mission – NW

BWAM connects, engages, and inspires business leaders who share a common goal of implementing business solutions to help bring people out of poverty globally.

Our focus is primarily on the Global South where the need for economic freedom is most acute.

Elisabeth Cochrane founded this event in 2011. She and her husband worked in India and Nepal for over 30 years in development and training. The work grew to over 200 projects with 3000 staff involved in many different areas, including elementary schools, pre-schools, clinics, micro-loan projects, sewing classes, training schools, etc. Their experiences taught them that building sustainable businesses is much more effective than charitable gifts in elevating people out of poverty. 



Dr. Kim Tan

Chairman – SpringHill Management Ltd

Topic : Solving Global Problems with For Profit Solutions.

Dr. Dato Kim Tan is a successful biotech entrepreneur, global social impact pioneer and a Jubilee-inspired advocate of changing how Christian entrepreneurs can make a difference around the globe. Kim grew up in Malaysia, lives in the UK, and travels around the world, particularly to investment projects throughout Africa and Asia.

Gloria Nelund

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer – TriLinc Global

Gloria Nelund co-founded TriLinc Global after a rewarding career as one of the most successful and visible executives in the international asset management industry. She is responsible for leading the Company’s high-level strategy and directing its growth since its founding in 2008.

Eagle’s Nest

At this year’s BWAM NW event, we are spearheading a new concept called the Eagle’s Nest. Similar in concept to ABC’s TV show, Shark Tank, we will provide opportunities for you to participate in the success of small businesses in developing nations. This could be through a financial donation, through your expertise, through coaching, through your network, or any other way that helps develop sustainable business solutions.

During the Eagle’s Nest portion of this year’s conference, a panel of established business people will interview five business owners from developing nations. Each of these people on the panel have agreed to provide significant financial support for these small businesses, IF they have a sound business plan and IF they meet their criteria for success.

Eagle’s Nest Panel

Craig Porter


Dan Weibe

British Columbia

David Ash

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