Extending Hope School

Entrepreneurs and Social activist Decent and Nadia in Malawi set up this school as a lean startup to provide quality education for children in their city. Following our Vancouver BAM event, the school will use the loan they received to add classrooms and scale up from...

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Bella Pizzeria

Alex from the Bella Pizzeria, in Central Asia, pitched for scale-up funds at our Eagles Nest (Shark Tank like) event in Vancouver but lost out to the Extending Hope School. As he continued to work through issues in his business plan with his ACE coach, we were able to...

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Rapha Tailoring – Lonavala

A Development team working with poor communities outside of Mumbai began sewing classes for the women enabling them to care for their kids while working at their own tailoring business at home. ACE invested funds for purchase of materials, as well as consultants to...

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